I was born in Keşan as a child of a musician family. Instruments were my toys in my childhood, people around me were telling everything in musical language. In this atmosphere, I have started to strike on the language of clarinet. With my body’s clarinet like height, I managed to attract attention of people around me. Those who listen me were saying I am talented which made me glad. Even at the age of 13 I went in a clarinet contest and won a special award that had increased my courage in this journey. However, my clarinetist father did not like this situation. I do not know why but he always tells me “do not be a clarinetist or be the best”. I cannot thank my deceased father enough who allowing me to go Conservatory. With conservatory, my dreams become real one by one.

Being clarinet instructor at the conservatory, albums, concerts all around the world, academic career, projects with worldwide known musicians, having my name on a clarinet as a brand by one of the best companies and its branding process, writing the first clarinet education book in Turkey, having TV programs and presenting them, becoming a thesis topic in the Unites States of America, having actualized the International Clarinet Festival dream; these and more have been materialized after my conservatory education.

I owe many things in my life to my love at the first sight wife. We got married, had two beautiful kids. We named the first as Nefes and second as Eser. I really do not have projects about them to become musicians; but if they will, I would leave the stage to them. Learning is an important process for me, every day I try to learn new things and to teach them to others. And finally, I believe in my dreams, the most.

Thank you,
Serkan Çağrı